13 August 2010

Color me a dreamer

Recently, I find that I am caught in a very weird place in my life-- twentysomething.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love being a twentysomething chick living downtown in an apartment with a rooftop pool and pro athletes (rumor has it) moving into the building.  That is not what I am referring to.  The weird part of being twentysomething is the "I'm a college graduate with an 8-5, and bills, and laundry, and a schedule, and responsibilities,  but I still know how to pull an all-nighter and start my weekends on Thursday nights" place. (something that a full time job does not allow for)  I haven't quite closed one chapter of my life, and have rapidly been forced to open a new one.  Weird.  Please do not misunderstand:  I do not wish to trade my career for sleeping in and frat parties.  I love my job and I am quite happy and grateful to have it.  I am simply pointing out what every person experiences during this transitional stage.  Be normal, or be different.

I am right at that age where I can decide just what I really want to get out of life and work towards said goal.  I can literally be whatever kind of person I want to be.  Do I want to be that white crayon in the box that seems like a staple-- but everyone basically over looks?  Or do I want to stand out?  Anyone.

I get it-- get the job, save the money, get the ring, buy the house, have the kids-- live happily ever after.  But what about the more free-spirited crayons in the box?  What about the tickle me pinks?  The mac 'n' cheeses?  The wild blue yonders of the adult world?  (Yes, it is a real crayon color- look it up)  What about those people?  The ones that don't fit in with the traditional 8 count box; the ones you can only find in the super-mega 96 count box with the sharpener built into the back?

I don't believe everyone is supposed to follow that path.  Some people don't get married.  Some people don't have kids.  Some people enjoy happy hours and art galleries more than play dates and PTA meetings.  Some people are primary colors where as others?  Others are the extraordinary ones.

What kind of crayon are you?

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