09 August 2010

Goetta load of this!

I started my weekend out by hanging out on the roof of 4nP (4th and Plum) just relaxing:
As I waited for Jeff (boyfriend) to show up I worked on this crossword puzzle and enjoyed a few beers.  When Jeff finally arrived, we were also joined by a little friend:
This is Chile or Chi-Chi sometimes.  Very tiny.
I was anxious to leave and head over to Newport where we met some others to enjoy a feast of goetta.
Our menu started off with a Goetta Nacho appetizer:

These were so popular with our group, that I only got to snatch a few bites, but what I got to taste was delicious!  Even Jeff, who is not goetta's number one fan, LOVED these.  Next I absolutely had to get my hands on a goetta corn dog... from what I hear, they are all the rage:
I'm not much of a hot dog person-- too processed tasting-- but I am definitely a fan of the goetta-dog.. Much better in my opinion.  I could have had another.  Next on the menu was goetta spring rolls, which were good, but mostly just tasted like regular spring rolls.  I chickened out on getting the goetta fudge (sorry!) but I did try some of Buskin's goetta goobers:
I could not taste a single ounce of goetta in these.  They tasted just like a regular puff pastry.  I was skeptical at first, but these treats were just fine.  I have always been more of a salty rather than sweet kind of eater, but I actually did enjoy these.

Over all, I would say my first goettafest experience was a success.. and judging by how crowded it was, I think Glier's would agree!  Is it next year yet?
View from the purple people bridge!  It was too nice out not to walk home! :)

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