07 September 2010

The Grub: Quaker Steak & Lube

There is something about football season that causes my internal clock to tick chicken wings.  Chicken wings and beer.  But the beer part is for another time, last week was solely about the chicken.  I had wings twice within a four-day stretch.

I think Martino's on short Vine in Correyville has the best wings.  But be warned-- they really do them right.  In fact, you may find a stray feather, that's how fresh they are.

The first day I got the case of the wings, Jeff suggested we go to Quaker Steak & Lube in Milford.  I had never been and always heard that their wings are to die for, but with it being so far away, I just couldn't motivate myself to venture all the way out there.  His suggestion did get my wheels turning though.  I began to wonder what places in the city serve the best chicken wings, and I knew I could count on Metromix to give me a few suggestions.  And, as though they had read my mind, I found this article about the best wings in Cincy.  Low and behold, Quaker Steak was on the list.  But, Boswell Alley was the winner, and I figured: Why settle?  So off to Northside we went.  Unfortunately, my award winning chicken wings were just not in the cards for me this hectic Tuesday night.  On top of dog sitting, paint shopping, packing, and laundry time got away from us and there was no Boswell's on the agenda.

Instead, Jeff and I settled on saving my chicken wing adventure for another day and picking up Buffalo Wild Wings.  Their wings are barely average, but when one is on a time crunch, they do the job.  They're the fast food way to do wings, but it works if there is nothing else available.

Friday was a day of destiny.  Since my parents live in Milford and a lot of my belongings seem to live there too, Jeff and I needed to go to Milford to pick up a few things and it just so happened that Bdubs did not satisfy my tick, so we decided Quaker Steak it was.

Friday afternoon was the perfect day to sit outside

Being mid-day on a Friday, the place wasn't that busy, which I appreciated.  We sat outside in a covered bar area that kept with the race car theme the began with a gas nozzle handle on the front door.  The place was complete with a car hanging from the ceiling, and the bar area donned the checkered flag 

Ok, now to the good stuff: the grub.  I ordered the Sprintster (6 wings instead of the regual 10) and Jeff ordered the Bucket (20 wings) and we decided to split the Loaded Magna Fries.

My wings were so good.  Cooked perfectly--they were juicy, hot, and fell off the bone.  I chose the Louisiana Lickers sauce (mix of Hot, Garlic, BBQ, and Chipotle) and it was awesome.  I wasn't in the mood for anything too spicy, so they had just the right amount.  The fries were pretty good as well, nothing to write home about, but ok.  They had a bit too much salt on them, but I was happy that they weren't soggy like some places, and they were HUGE so definitely worth the $8.99 they cost.

Jeff ordered hot, and made the comment that they weren't that "hot"-- but really, he says that about wasabi, so it's a tough call.  He has a much higher spice/heat tolerance than the average bear.  He still said they were delicious.

There was so much food we had to take some home with us, which we heated in the oven.  I don't usually do left-over wings, but these were still good that way.

Next time I go, I will order something a little spicier, but I will definitely go back.  Just wish there was one closer to downtown!

Grade? B+ I don't know that they beat Martino's though.

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