15 September 2010

The Haps: Fight Breast Cancer: Buy a Brick

This time of year, people start looking for ways to get involved with the fight against breast cancer.  Some people like to get their hearts pumping, by participating in events like Spin for the Cure.  Others decide to let out their fashionista and decorate a bra for CincyChic and LOL's "Bras with Flair".  And there is yet another option for doing your part; you can buy artwork at the 9th annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction

Founded by Ellen B Ganson after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, "Bricks Along the Journey" symbolizes a path of hope.  When she first learned of her diagnosis, Ganson said it felt like being hit with a ton of bricks.    So, Ganson began asking local artists to transform bricks into amazing works of art.  Materials from glass to oils, mosaic to acrylics, ceramic to fiber will be on display by more than 300 artists hailing from over a dozen states.  The silent auction will take place Sunday October 10, 2010 from 2-5 pm at Xavier University's Cintas Center.  Parking and admission are both free to all attendees.

Some of the bricks were on display at the Loveland Art Show over the weekend, and they were phenomenal.  Some were fun and goofy, inspiring and beautiful, and uplifting and hopeful.
It was amazing to see how some of these bricks had transformed from ordinary building blocks into extravagant pieces of creativity and talent.

Bricks asking price can start around $25, but vary based on the brick itself.  Average bricks are auctioned for about $75, but as you can see from the pictures most of these bricks are far from average!  Proceeds for the 2010 Silent Brick Auction are given to organizations that include:
  • The Mary Jo Cropper Breast Cancer Center at Bethesda North Hospital
  • Cancer Family Care
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Hereditary Cancer Program
  • FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
  • YWCA
  •  and more

 These bricks are great to display, give as a gift or put in your garden.  And, you won't break a sweat or burn yourself with a hot-glue gun participating in this breast cancer event!  For more info visit


  1. That looks awesome, you can always use a brink, door stops and what have you, I'm bummed I'll be out of town for this.

  2. It's a super fun event....nice music, food and hundreds of beautiful, unique Brick Art. They are wonderful additions to any room in your home, patio and gifts too. Great way to make a donation to the fight against Breast Cancer

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