19 September 2010

The Haps: Loveland Art Show

My mother is a wonderfully talented artist, and last weekend she had a booth at the Loveland Art Show.

There were so many booths with a variety of different media.  Pretty cool way to spend an afternoon.

These are a few of the piece by my beautiful and talented mother:  Website

In addition to getting to see my mom's artwork.  My aunt is also an artist.  In fact, my Aunt Monica, and my mother were college roommates who ended up marrying brothers.
I love this one.  Living downtown, there is a special place in my heart for Findlay Market, it is so cool to see such a recognizable icon turned into such creative work!  Monica is obviously very talented.  For more of her work: Website

There was a variety of media at the show.  I particularly enjoyed Rob Glover. 

Heavens to Betsy Handicrafts also had a booth.  These women were also extremely talented and I want on of these aprons
 In addition to art shows the ladies of Heavens to Betsy offer a variety of classes in sewing and quilting.  For more info: Website. Blogspot.

This is a clear sign that fall is on the way!
I love this time of year so much.  I am ready to carve pumpkins, drink spiced apple cider, and figure my way out of a corn maze!

The art show is an annual event that takes place in Nisbet Park just off of the Loveland bike trail.  More than 75 artists participated in this year's event.

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