29 September 2010

On to-do lists and fall

Finally!  Fall has arrived. When I started writing this post (on Monday-- oops)  It was a wet, dark, gloomy day, but that didn't dampen my spirits at all. No pun intended.  Even on days like Monday, this time of year I love it.  There are so many lists possibilities.

Speaking of lists, every year I have a few seasonal activities that I want to partake in that I just never manage to get around to, so this year, I decided to make a to-do list of autumn cliches so that I really get the most out of my favorite time of year. 
  • Go through a corn maze
  • Go pumpkin picking
  • Make a jack-o-lantern
  • Toast the pumpkin seeds
  • Have a scary movie marathon
  • Host  a "dinner party" of sorts
  • Make it through a haunted house without freaking out (I am desperately afraid of haunted houses-  its a childhood fear that just never faded away like heights and the dark did)
  • Make a pumpkin pie
  • Rekindle a few old friendships- this has absolutely nothing to do with the season, but I am noticing that a few friendships have faded over the summer months (or longer) which needs to be changed immediately.
  • Discover a new favorite cafe:  On my list of criteria:  fresh soups, warm drinks- preferably containing alcohol, fireside seating, close proximity to downtown.   
 What is on your to-do list this fall?

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