20 September 2010

When it rains, it pours.

Dearest Katie:
You requested some blog posts about "real stuff" so here is what is really going on in my life.  Haha! Enjoy!
From Me.

Starting this new time in my life, I am beginning to notice that it is impossible to stay caught up!  If it isn't laundry, its a lack of produce which inevitably means no plan for what to make for dinner, when its not that the tables need dusted, trash needs taken out, bills need paid, furniture needs moved from my parent's house, or we run out of toilet paper.  Being a grown up is EXHAUSTING. 

I keep waiting for the day when I get home, look around, and poof, someone else has folded the towels, loaded the dish washer and taken the trash out.  The day when all I have to do is sit down and put my feet up, but lets face it, this isn't Neverland.

At first, I kept trying to tell myself that eventually I will get caught up and be able to slip into a routine.  But as each day goes by and I fall further behind I am starting to feel a level of stress no mid-term or presentation ever inflicted upon me when I was in school.  I hate feeling out of control of my life and that feeling is really starting to sneak up on me.

So, I guess I have two choices: Freak out, get upset and mope about it.  Or make a plan.  Keep a clear head.  And just deal with it until everything is done.  I also have a tendency to not ask for help, so I could start doing that a little more also.

 Here- goes:
  • Today: 
  1. Go to my parent's house and move as much of my remaining belongings as will fit in my car.  I have a number of pieces of furniture, boxes of clothes, and bins for organizing that will all help make my life at 4nP much more orderly, if I could just find the time to get down there and do it.  
  2. Ask Jeff to visit the grocery store.
  • Tomorrow:  
  1. Get caught up on all the laundry I need to do.
  2. Clean bedroom so that it can be rearranged.
  3. Set up said furniture and begin putting things in a reasonable place.
  • Wednesday:
  1. Thoroughly clean the house: living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallways.  Our apartment looks really nice when it is clean, but because of the lay-out it has a tendency to get messy very quickly, which just adds to my stress.
  • Thursday:
  1. Take cats to vet.
So, wish me luck on getting my life in order and not losing my sanity while I do it.

How do you stay on top of things?  Any special tips or tricks that would help me out?

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