26 October 2010

The Haps: Neltner Farm's Pumpkin Patch

Cross another fall festivity off the to-do list!!  Over the weekend Jeff and I went on a search for the best pumpkin in all thee land.  Initially, we wanted to go to Sunrock Farm, just off of 471 because his old fraternity did their hay-rides there so he was familiar.

If only we had thought to call the place before we go in the car.  About five (of the ten) minutes into our drive, we decided to call in and find out about their offerings.  Only to discover that they only offer scheduled hay-rides out to the pumpkin patch and the next one wasn't until 4.  (It was 1:30).

But then-- I REMEMBERED!!  I had grabbed a flier from the corner deli under 4nP for Neltner's Farm.  The flier boasted a corn maze, fresh baked goods and produce, pumpkins, and a petting zoo!!!!  Now, I love anything that has the word zoo in it.  I still mentally think "CooooLLL!!!!" in a little kid's voice whenever Jeff takes me somewhere with animals.  I love it.  So, naturally, I was sold.  We called up for directions and info to discover that not only were all of the things promised on the flier real, but pumpkins would run us 34 cents a pound and the corn maze was only 3 bucks.  Score.

Set in the hills of Kentucky, this farm was so cute, and very family friendly

The best part of the "petting-zoo" were the horses.  They also had turkeys, goats, sheep, donkeys, etc.

A horse drawn wagon was set up to take people out to the pumpkin patch.

Jeff and I got away with two great pumpkins for under 10 bucks.  Which is good since us city folk didn't consider that the farm might not take credit cards and 10 bucks was all we had.

The produce and fresh baked goods inside the barn looked awesome.  There were yams, cucumbers, and a plethora of other garden veggies.  As well as jams, assorted gourds, pickles, and fresh cider.

I really enjoyed this day.

And our pumpkins turned out great!

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  1. Dee guess what?? I went to school with the Neltner's! Big family and really awesome people, we used to party at one of the farms, it would be crazy if this was the one!