07 February 2011

Brunch Your Heart Out

I really want to say sorry to my loyal fans (ha-ha) for not posting as frequently as I should (Maria, Megan, Lora-- sorryyyyy)  But all the blogs about advice for blogs tell you to never-ever do that.  They all say to just simply start posting again... I guess I didn't follow the instructions that well, but what the hell?  I'm sorry for my absence.. love ya all.

If you can name a meal that is as amazing as brunch, I will have to call your bluff.  There is nothing quite up to par.  I mean, think about it.

  • The acceptable time for brunch ranges anywhere from 10am to 2 (or 3 in my book) pm.  So late sleepers- go a head and snooze, the eggs will still be cracking well passed noon.
  • The selection of foods involved in brunch are the best ones.  Eggs?  Absolutely.  Pancakes? Hell yeah.  Sweet potato, avocado, and goetta hash?  You bet your ass.  You can order anything.  Not a breakfast fan?  No problem.. its brunch so order off the lunch menu.
  • Its completely acceptable to order alcohol before the sun goes down.  There are few times when drinking while its light out is considered the norm:  Sporting events, festivals, vacations, anytime during your 4 years of college, and brunch.  Automatic seal of approval.
  • The general leisurely air about brunch is very appealing.  Everyone is living a crazy hectic life now a days.  No matter what you do, its probably stressful, time consuming, disorganized (even though you don't want it to be) and unpredictable.  Brunch is the more mini version of a mini vacation.  Sit back, relax, sip your Bloody Mary and breathe.  That is pretty awesome.

Since I love brunch so much, I've decided to go on a quest to find the best brunch I can.  There are some lists, of course that I can use for reference.  So wish me luck!

CityBeat's best of 2010 Reader Picks
Wine Me Dine Me
Urbanspoon's List of Spots
MetroMix List

Ya'll can help me too!  Whats your favorite brunch spot?

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