12 April 2011

Brunch Your Heart Out: First Watch

If you have never been to First Watch, you must be living under a rock.  With over 90 locations nation wide, its a wide spread cafe that focuses solely on breakfast, brunch, and lunch.  They're open until 2:30pm daily, and call themselves "The Daytime Cafe".

My basic opinion of First Watch is "really good food, but where is the wow factor?"  Its your run-of-the-mill breakfast spot.  Everything is always tasty (though, if you folks serve me one more brownish avocado slice, I'm gonna lose it) and there are a lot of different flavors on the menu.  I'm just looking for something with more of an edge on my brunch quest.

That being said, it is still a really great go-to spot considering they have one on 7th, so a few months ago (oops)  Jeff and I had a BOGO so we had to take advantage.

I had the Eggs Benedict Florentine.  Complete with tomato, spinach, and avocado.  So so yummy, I won't lie, this is what I get almost every time.  Its good, exactly what you would expect from a place like First Watch.

Jeff had an omelet.  The Works I believe:  Ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, onions, tomato, cheese, sour cream.  Definitely loaded.  He liked it, but again, we wanted to know: Where is the "wow"? 

So if ever you are in need of a quick, delicious brunch, head to First Watch.  Help yourself to the coffee set out front while you wait and enjoy.

My gripes?
-They don't serve alcohol.  The Bloody Mary is one of the bests parts of brunch, without it, you really are just having regular breakfast if you ask me.
-Sometimes the food can be a bit greasy.  I love super fresh ingredients for this meal, and as evidence by my always brownish-green avocado, they could stand to be a bit more selective.

I am still on the hunt for the BEST brunch, so be looking for future posts, as I've gather some good material! :)

P.S. I've missed you

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