08 June 2011

The Grub: Blue Elephant

So since I know you all read my blog about as religiously as I post on it (oops)  I know that you know that

I still posted the link to their website if you are super curious after you read my post.  P.S.  If you are still curious, you might also be kinda dumb.  Here's why:

I have been to B.E. four times since their opening weekend in February of 2010.  I firmly believe in giving places a first chance, second chance, third chance etc.

You know that saying: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?"  Well it should then say "Fool me a third time and I guess I'm a dumb ass fool me four times, just shoot me in the face."

Visit one:
Allison (link to her blog- obvi), her bf Chris, Jeff and I all went to B.E. for dinner on Valentine's day last year. Everything was AWESOME
The food was amazing, our waitress was funny, and the place had a great vibe.

Visit two:
Since we were so impressed with our first visit that we brought the whole fam (7 of us).  And here's where things went wrong:
Chris:  Found a WIRE in his soup
(Not actual photo)

Soup (again):  Emma (sista) ordered her soup as a 2 (medium spice) and it basically came out like this:
No bueno.

Sushi:  We ordered 7 rolls.  As I recall most were $14 but we ordered one that was $8.  They brought us two of the $8 rolls and left off one of the $14 rolls.  (They messed up our order the first time we were there but I was just so high on cloud nine that it didn't bother me-- not so much this time bro.)  I could tell just by looking at our plate that is was wrong and the chick working there didn't notice?  Gimme a break?  

You can clearly see all the ingredients in a sushi roll, if I order something with asparagus and shrimp, I think you'd notice if it comes out with cream cheese and eel.  Good lord.

Third visit:
Fairly insignificant.  Jeff and I stopped for a bite and the sushi looked like this:
By this time I should have taken the hint.  But I was clinging to that very first experience.  I was on your side Blue Elephant!  I just wanted you to be good again!

Visit Four:
The last time Jeff and I went I tried to have an open mind, but when you're spending $60 a visit and finding metal pieces in your soup, it's hard to see your soy sauce dish as half full.
Perhaps my attitude had something to do with it, but given their track record, I doubt it.  The sushi falls apart as soon as it hits the soy sauce so you can't even eat it (spare me the crap that "good sushi" is supposed to be eaten with your fingers-  I don't give a shit- chop sticks are the way to go )

B.E. is just all in all bad.  Don't even get me started on the fact that they are Thai. Sushi. Pasta. (what the crap?!)  Just don't waste your time.  Head across the road to Green Papaya if you don't want to be disappointed.

Happy Eating :)  I'm headed to Ichiban tonight, so I'll let you know how it goes!


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