02 September 2011

Brunch Your Heart Out: Annabel's

Have you FREAKING been here yet?!  
Gawwwdddd it's Heaven all up in your mouth.

Annabel's is located in Mt. Lookout Square.  Just about right by Nectar.

Things I love:
1) This place is the cutest little trinket ever.
2) All of their ingredients are local, I seem to recall the meats coming from Kroeger and Sons in Findlay market.  ( I also want to say they're organic, but I'm not positive) 
3) Who doesn't love a place that uses Gruyere?! 
4) Flavorful, fresh meals that are still light, so you don't get that greased up, pooched out FUPA feeling you get from eating bacon dripping in fat and eggs from under a heat lamp.

Things I would change (I can't say things I hate because I didn't hate anything):
1) Its teensy.  There are only 8 or so tables so it gets kind of cramped.  Also, very little waiting area.
2) No booze.  Wah!

Now, you'll have to forgive me, because I went here all the way back in February for ThirtyDuo's birthday, so I don't totally remember everything we ordered.
But know this:
Damn, it was delicious.

Little Rainbow Tea Bags.  Totes Cute.

Sugar in the raw!  This is missing from every other restaurant in the world.
AWESOME scramble.  Gruyere, mushrooms, and some other shit.  So bomb.  And oh snap, is those some blackberries in there?!  Yeah boiiii.

Amazing quiche.  Sorry I don't remember whats in it.

Whatchu got on that b-fast sammie, McDonalds?!

And finally....
Now this is remember.  White chocolate orange cheesecake.  Served with cream.  You gotta be joking me with how good this was.  I'm talking pop the button off your jeans because you can't stop eating it good.

Get some.

You can thank me later.

Type in Annabel's on google and check out all the awesome reviews.  You won't be sorry.  And if you are its because you don't like good food.

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