01 September 2011

Dishes with Dee: Summertime Cilantro-Lime Chipotle pasta salad

News Flash!  I freaking LOVE Cilantro.
Any chance I get to use it, I am a happy gal.
If you don't like cilantro, you can burn your taste buds off.

Playing in the kitchen, I came up with this:
I totes made it up myself, so how 'bout them apples.  Betch.

Here's what ya need:

1 pkg whole grain shells
asparagus- cut to about 1 inch,
1/3 cup onion-chopped,
2doz. shrimp (seasoned with cajun seasoning),
1cup corn kernels (I used frozen),
about 3/4 cup cherry tomatoes- halved,
2(ish) tbs chopped chipotle peppers ( I used canned in ancho sauce, found in international isle-- add more if you like a lot of spice),
cilantro for garnish.
1/3 cup light mayo,
3 tbs light sour cream,
fresh lime juice from 1/2 lime,
1 1/2 tbs chopped cilantro
salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Cajun seasoning to taste

And here's what ya do:
For dressing:
combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Cover and set in refrigerator.

For salad:
Cook pasta normally, with about four minutes left, add asparagus and onion to water.
Finish cooking, drain, rinse with cool water until no longer warm, set aside.
Sauté shrimp in about 1 tbs e.v.o.o until fully cooked. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
Spread out defrosted corn kernels on greased pan and season with salt, pepper, and Cajun.
Broil on low for about 4-7 minutes.
Add tomatoes, chipotle peppers, corn, and shrimp to pasta, mix in dressing until fully coated.
Top with cilantro and refrigerate until cool.

Keep in mind that the whole grain pasta gives it a nut-a-licious flavor, so if you're not into nuts or you don't give a shit about healthy pasta, just use the regular stuff.

Also, feel free to be generous with the cilantro (Shocker)  But seriously, with mayo and sour cream, this dressing has a "cool" flavor.  Looking for more punch?  Add real garlic instead of garlic powder, extra cajun seasoning, and some zest from the lime.

Boom.. bazooka Joe.

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