28 September 2011


Living downtown is awesome.

My teeny tiny old ass kitchen is not.

I've been just day dreaming about a bad ass kitchen.

Here's some shit I love.

Have you checked out The Smitten Kitchen?!  This is one awesome blog.
It's an all out recipe, how-to, advice, all the shit you could ever want blog.
To read an awesome post about small kitchens. 
Then spend the next 4 hours reading the other posts like I did.
Sorry about the hit your productivity is going to take today.
Wait, no I'm not.

P.S. There will be a smitten kitchen cook book coming out hopefully in 2012.  Snap.

How friggin' cute are these measuring cups from Anthropologie?
Wanna buy them?  CLICK HERE

I'm in love with this kitchen Every Day with Rachael Ray made over

<3 Pier 1

My sister's kitchen:
Lucky bitch.  Oh, here's her BLOG

I hope Heaven looks like the inside of Sur La Table 
I'm 100% obsessed with everything in that place:  Especially these aprons:
Particularly the striped one.  Nom.

Cute mixer.

Any and all of these.  Any and all colors.  Supa love the blue

And these from Williams-Sonoma

I'm totes a Roy G Biv girl in the kitchen.  Obvi.

I would trade my left foot to have this Martha Stewart Living kitchen

And I found this photo on My Favorite and My Best.  
Talk about a blog you should read.  I love her.

So now you can spend the rest of the day thinking about how much your kitchen sucks compared to these.  Or how badly you now need those measuring cups.

Unless your kitchen doesn't suck, then screw you. 


  1. My kitchen doesn't suck. And I already have those measuring cups. Thank. You. Very. Much.