11 October 2011

The Haps: Hammertime Hayride

This year marked the first annual (hopefully) Hammertime Hayride.  Summary:  Dress like a red neck, go to a pumpkin patch, drink beer and spiked cider, debauchery ensues.

The kind folks at Sunrock Farm were nice enough to allow 40 of my closest friends to rent out their farm for the evening.  It was pretty awesome.  They had several fires set up, plenty of space, and hayrides.  It was all and all a great time for all.

As if we needed an excuse to go out to the sticks, drink keg beer, and generally act like idiots.

Try not to be too jealous of this amazing life style.

Not everyone can be this awesome.

But I bet you are. (Awesome-- and maybe jealous too)

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