28 October 2011

The Haps: Its Fall. (d.u.h)

I'm so domestic.
Its gross.

I even made a wreath.

1. Go to Michael's or other crafty place.
2.  Buy wooden wreath, and some fake flowers, and a glue gun.
3.  Assemble in layers.  I did the leaves first and then added on the other stuff on top of that.

Other fall things:

Once again, Jeff and I went to Neltner's Farm and they have definitely revamped from when I posted about them last year.

They are so exclusive that they charge a cover now ($5).  But it includes the "corn maze", a wagon ride, face painting (not suitable for adults--sorry), and PETTING ZOO!  Score!

Baby Chicks (So cute!)

The Goat.

Mini goat!

We found where we are getting our Cinco De Mayo donkeys!

Lindsay Lohan.

Little chick head poking out from mom chicken.

Best pumpkins ever. (ours, obvi)


Big man on Campus

Yeah this little peanut almost got his finger pecked off by mama chicken.  Whoops. 



Carvin' like Marvin gurl:

I wish this wasn't blurry

What are you up to this fall?  Is it as awesome?
You are reading my blog, so probably.

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