28 November 2011

The Boys Get Fat, a.k.a Food Challenge!

Grotesquely over weight people are my total fetish
so Jeff is going to become one.


About both things.

But he does want to complete a food challenge.

So off the Bard's Burgers in Convington we went.

10 patties
Cheese in between.
Stacked on a buttered bun.
A side of fries.
The whole thing is about 6 lbs or something.

You have an hour.

Brave men going into battle.

Shove that down your gullet. 

The boys started off strong.

Paul downed like 4 patties in the first 10 minutes.

Look at that determination! 

So close!!

Sadly, these guys had to admit defeat this time.
Note: little white flags.

The final score:
Paul: Finished 7 patties, all his bun, and all his fries.

Jeff: Finished 6 patties, half his bun, and most of his fries.

Some other day gents.


  1. Where is this place? I feel very strongly that I want to do this. LOL. My girlfriend, may not feel the same way.

  2. Hey Justin!:)

    It's at Bard's Burgers in Covington, KY.
    (3620 Decoursey Ave)

    Go try it and report back! The waitress said not many people finish it!