15 November 2011

Gift Wrap to Make Everyone Else Oh-So Jeal.

One wore kittens, one wore Rainbow Brite, and one wore the littlest of Barbie night gowns.
All smushed together in one bed, my sisters and I would giggle into the night on Christmas Eve, each trying to stay up later than the others, urging the moon toward the horizon, and expectantly looking for Santa across the sky.

On Christmas Eve night we were best friends.  Setting out cookies for Santa, racing around the house to "Run, Run Rudolph" and talking about what sort of treasures would await us come 5:00 AM (Sorry Mom and Dad).
Bright and early, we would come bounding down the stairs. The smell of cinnamon rolls and coffee that was always a little stronger than usual would great us and, our eyes would hungrily take in that year's haul.

Over the years, a few things have changed with our Christmas tradition.  The coffee pot got larger, the alarm clocks go off later, and the wrapping has gotten extraordinarily beautiful.  My older sister has a knack for out doing herself with wrapping each year.  And this year:  my God, I'm on board. 

I found this great article from Martha Stewart's Christmas Workshop and I have every intention of wrapping some gifts that make people open them a little bit slower this year.

Here are a few I particularly love:

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  1. Our family always gives each other a brilliantly wrapped Christmas present the night before. As a tradition it is always a pair of pajamas so we can wear them to bed and on Christmas morning as we open up the rest of our gifts. I love Christmas traditions!