04 November 2011

My stupid apartment kitchen: Part 1- Counter Space

My kitchen is so small.

Like, Harry-Potter-used-to-live-under-the-stairs-small.
(Dork alert)

Or how about:
Like, the-size-I-bet-the-Situations-"Situation"-is-small.

I have about as much counter space as Kim Kardashian has diginity. 

So thanks to smitten kitchen (Seriously--read it!) I have been thinking about ways to improve my kitchen so I have more counter space and more storage space without looking like a hobbit.  Or one of the people off Hoarders (most disgusting show ever).

Idea 1:  Recommended by Smitten Kitchen:  GET A FREAKIN' KITCHEN CART  (Only she's way nicer about it)

I like these:

Actually this is more like an island.  Way too huge for my crawl space kitchen.  But I really love it.

This is super cute.  And I have white cabinets.  Win!  Plus the doors would mean my devil of an adventure cat couldn't get in there.  He's a menace.  

Good size.  But two problems:  I have stemless wine glasses, so what the heck would I put up there?  Jaxson (menace) would definitely wreck this.

This is probably too big too, but I dig it.

Okay, so this isn't a cart, but it would fit a bunch of cookbooks and bowls and other things that just sit out, and its a good size for the corner of my kitchen.  Plus I love it.

Do you gots a small kitchen?  What do you do about space?!  
Chat about it.

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