07 December 2011

Dishes with Dee: Cream of Asparagus and Seafood Soup

My dad makes these really amazing soups. 
He can pull anything out of the fridge and turn it into a Sunday afternoon meal.

So I've been giving it a try too.

So here's what ya need:
Drizzle of EVOO
1 bundle of asparagus- cut to 1 in. thick.  Reserve the tough ends- you can add them to the soup to flavor.
A package of baby bellas- sliced.

About 1/2 an onion- chopped.
1 container of crab meat (I buy the lump crab--but be warned.. it's $14.99. There are two other options that are less expensive, but I make this so rarely that I like to go all out.) drained and picked over to ensure all shells are removed.
1 package of bay scallops. 

1 can of cream of asparagus soup.
The same amount of water and milk (I just fill the can)
Maybe some garlic.
Season with paprika, chili powder, salt, and pepper.

And here's what ya do:

Drizzle oil in a large pot and heat on medium high.
Add onions and garlic and let them sweat for a few minutes.

Add soup, milk, water, and ends of asparagus.  SEASON IT!  Heat for a few minutes on medium high and then reduce heat.

Next, add asparagus, mushrooms, scallops, and crab. SEASON AGAIN!

Oh, I just noticed from the photo that I added crushed red pepper too.

Let this cook until scallops are opaque.


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  1. Just remember the seafood keeps on cooking once it's been removed from the burner so I recommend taking the pan/pot off the stove just before the scallops are done and serve immediately. Make sure everything is ready to accept the soup. Can't let it sit. If one was only using crab meat wouldn't be such an issue. Also has to do with the size of the scallops. Better to undercook than to overcook.

    Thanks for the post! I make something very similar to this but I use different seafood and all fresh ingredients. I cook seafood everyday and overcooked seafood is a sin! Bon appetit everyone!