04 January 2012

Cooking Light's 12 Healthy Habits

I can be pretty lazy.
I don't drink enough water.
I eat too much junk.
Drink too much.
Stay up too late.

Basically I'm a hot mess walking around like I've got my shit together.  So this year, I decided to actually do something about it.

So, for my New Year's resolution I will be doing

Basically its a "get- your-life-on-track-one healthy-habit-at-a-time" guide.
Each month you are given a new task to accomplish.
The habits accumulate so by December I will consistently be doing 12 things better than I was in 2011.
(here's hoping)

It is definitely going to be a challenge, but my darling friend Lora and I are doing it together.
A support system will be vital when I want to sleep in rather than get up and make breakfast, or when I want to order the Bacon Cheeseburger with fries instead of the Salmon with steamed veggies.

I think you should totes join in.
Ain't too late to choose a resolution.

So read up on what you'll be expected to do throughout the year and jump on board!

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