05 January 2012

Dishes with Dee: One Dish Chicken and Veggie Bake

Okay Babies...
How is everyone doing on their veggie challenge?!

I think I am doing pretty well!
The hardest part about eating healthy is breaking the habit of eating junk.
...I really want spinach artichoke dip.  
Does that count at a veggie??? 

Off topic.

Back on.

My Green B.E.A.N veggies that I wrote about earlier this week have been bomb so far.

Er-ry thang be fresh.
The colors are awesome, and it is all way more flavorful than the regular stuff I get at the store.

While I know I'll have to go to the store every now and again, I'm an official groupie of Green B.E.A.N.

So I used some of the root vegetables that came in my bin to make a chicken and veggie bake.
So easy.

Here's what ya need:

Boneless skinless chicken breasts, trimmed and thawed.
Assorted veggies:
Potato (Used my G.B. white ones)
Carrots (Almost the whole bunch!)
Onion (Went ahead and used a red one from the bin)
Celery (On hand)
Plenty of garlic- I use whole cloves throughout.

And here's what ya do:

Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper. poultry seasoning, whatevs.
Toss the chick and all those veggies (just cut 'em up!) into a 9 x 13.
Drizzle in EVOO
Toss to coat all of the ingredients plus the bottom of the pan.
Salt n Pep it up.

on 400
for 45 to an hour

Allow your chickie to stand before you cut it open, trust in the juice, girl.

Healthy (if you don't use a gallon of EVOO of course)

Veggie out....

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