05 January 2012

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery: And a Discount Fo' You!

Hay gurl, I know you love a little discount here and there...
..I have got one for you.

is a company that delivers organic produce and natural groceries

Do you hate going out in the snow?
Do you live downtown and so going to the grocery store is this big, giant production?
Does you just love organic thangs?
Are you sick of the little kids in Kroghetto picking up an apple, taking a bite, and then putting it back?! (True, story, I watched this happen once during my Clifton years)

Then it's Green B.E.A.N. to the rescue!

Check it:
You can choose from a variety of assorted bin sizes, and frequency of delivery (once a week or every other week).
Customize!  Add local groceries

And they send it all right to you.

(Fine print: minimum order of $35)

So when my new homies contacted me to review this service, I thought "d.u.h."
All I had to do was go online, select the product(s) I wanted and when I wanted to start delivery, and voila! 

A few days later I received an invoice that told me what to expect in my bin.  (It is different every time, as Green B.E.A.N. tries to select the best produce at the time)

Here's what I got:

It is HUGE!!!

Contents, yo.

Romaine in the membrane 

Rainbow Chard.  I have never cooked with this!  I'm pretty excited, and I found an awesome hash to make Saturday morning.

5 apples

Orange you glad you ordered from Green B.E.A.N?

Grape fruit 

Green bean machine.

2 Freakin' pounds of potatoes (red and white)

Red onions

Carrots (wish I got more)


I have all kinds of plans for my new little babies, so be looking out for Green B.E.A.N recipes coming through your screen all month long!

Thanks to the Green B.E.A.N. people for giving me the opportunity to review this service.  You have totes gained a new customer in me.  Can't wait to see what I get in my next bin!

And for those of you who think this is right up your alley..
When you sign up, just enter the promotion code:
This will get you 50 % off your first produce bin.
(Not on other groceries though)
Now LISTEN UP procrastinators! You only have 7 days to sign up, so get on it.
For new and reactivating members, ya'll!

This came at such an awesome time too, since January's Healthy Habits assignment is
Eat More Veggies!

Good luck nerds and enjoy the B.E.A.N.

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