02 February 2012

12 Healthy Habits- February: Get Moving!

okay y'all..

Now that you are all veggie and fruit masters, it be time to add a new habit.

Work it out, girl!

Cooking Light wants you to work out with me
(They told me)

3 times a week.
30 minutes each time

Please make a note to yo self:
Total time is what matters. 
Just get in an hour and a half each week and you be good.

Here is your link for tips and tricks

What's your plan?
Mine is to find a class that I really like, and then spend the remaining time doing cardio.
Seems like a plan.

Best of luck... 
You could get in peak physical condition:

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I just found your blog. I find myself smiling at your exuberance and veggie-driven verve.

    Curious to know what became of that beautiful chard you posted about a while back. I typically steam mine with (or without) porcine augmentation.


    Looking forward to your posts!