28 March 2012

Knocked Up: DIY Baby Shower Gift

I am old enough that people I know are doing something cray:
They are having babies.
On purpose.

They are getting married and just popping out kids.
On purpose!

I still feel like a kid more often than not, so I can't even imagine having one of my own.  But, I am still very excited for all the people in my life who are ready to be parents.
Here's to ya, friends.

Particularly, my friend Katie just had a baby 2 weeks ago.
In February, we had her shower.
It was adorable.
Because I did the decorations.
(toots horn)

One of my favorite things I made for the shower was a piece of art for Zoe's (baby) room.

Super easy and very cute:

Here's what ya need:
8 x 8 or 10 x 10 canvas
Assorted Buttons
Hot Glue Gun
Pretty ribbon.

Here's what ya do:
(Try to keep up, its complicated)

Paint the canvas.
I painted the whole face of the canvas green and did a trim on the sides in pink.

Let it dry.

Draw your letter in pencil.
I happened to be using big "Z"s as part of my centerpieces, so I just traced one of those.  The sell the letters at Jo-Ann's.  
Bonus: If you buy the $2 letter, paint it too.  Very cute on a shelf.

Lay out buttons.

Glue buttons.

Let dry.

Glue ribbon on the back of the top of the frame for hanging.


Bonus:  This doubled as baby shower decor and a gift.  I love things that know how to multitask.

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