25 June 2013

The Grub : C'est Cheese food truck - a mini review

Hey Peaches!

A few weeks ago, my sister and I went to The City Flea in Washington Park
What an awesome event.

So many booths of people making incredible things.
Just adding their contribution to the city, and to my house decor and card collection..
and belly.

You guys- the food trucks!
There were so many good ones, we had to walk up and down the row a few times just to decide where to get some grub. 

We opted for C'est Cheese
This gourmet grilled-cheese and soup truck is rockin' made to order sammies and soups with homemade pickles.
All ingredients are super fresh, which makes for some tasty food.

They also cater and do private events.

Let me tell you: we had no regrets.

Meet the Red White & Bleu.
This was so delicious.
Chicken, celery, bleu cheese dressing and crumbles, cheddar cheese, and I think a touch of hot sauce.

C'est Cheese is definitely doing it right. 
I would recommend going and trying out one of these grilled cheese sandwiches on steroids.
So. Worth. It.

You must go.
For a schedule of C'est Cheese's Bus stops, y'all can go ahead and click here.

Also, check out their other bomb sandwiches on their menu here

We weren't the only ones interested in this gem, obviously. 

What's your fave Cincy Food Truck?

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