03 August 2013

The Grub featuring: Eli's BBQ

Hey y'all.
My brother in law is the bomb
So where does an awesome person want to go for his birthday dinner?
Eli's BBQ, of course!

Eli's is a unique little joint.
You walk in, you order your food, you find a picnic table.

Eli's sits on Riverside Drive.  You'll know it by their signature sign.  It's just a pig.  No words.  It's a small building with a few tables inside, but what really makes Eli's is their outdoor area.  Picnic tables are tented atop a gravel lot.  The place has an awesome community feel, just grab a bench and get to know your neighbors.

The philosophy behind Eli's is simple.  Good company, great food, and a fun time.
They offer a great lawn area as well so if summer often finds you without your shoes, pack you a blanket and really get your picnic on, girl.

So sandwiches are only $5 and a plate (add 2 sides) is only $8.  And it's BYOB.  That is some cheap eatin'.  Especially for food this good.


This was my first visit, so I kept it classic with the pulled pork.
Mac n Cheese- to die for.

My mama ordered the ribs.  Do you see those?!  You guys, look how tender.  Literally fall off the bone, good.

And then there was the hickory smoked turkey.  Incredible.

Eli's is the perfect summer BBQ joint.
And when you're finished.. Get some Dojo Gelato

Summer meal success, you guys.

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