22 October 2013

Dishes with Dee: California Turkey wrap- A mini post

So, you still want lunch to be interesting, but you're trying to eat as healthy/clean as possible?

How about a California Turkey Wrap?
It's not exactly 100% clean, but it is healthy.
Healthy and delicious.
Skip chips and pair it with a crunchy apple or juicy clementine. 
Way better.

Here's what ya need:
Some kind of wraps- I buy the Flatout brand, try the spinach!
The most healthy/ natural/ organic turkey you can find.  Stay the F away from Oscar Mayer- you cheap ass.
The same goes for your cheese. Provolone or Swiss are best
Sun-dried tomatoes- again- go more natural.  Ones that are just in a jar with a little oil and some salt.
1/2 an avocado- pitted, peeled and sliced. 
Lettuce- go field greens
(Maybe you want to add cucumber or alfalfa sprouts- it's your world, babe)

And here's what ya do:
Put the turkey and cheese on the wrap.
Got access to a toaster oven?  Definitely use it.
Then put your other ingredients on, roll it up, and enjoy.
Serve with the left over avocado and a piece of fruit. 

A quick lunch- it's delicious, healthy, and not too hard on your wallet.

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