20 November 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

A wonderful thing about cooking is that it is never stagnant.
As someone who loves to cook, my inspiration and interests are constantly changing.
I'm always seeing something in a magazine, or going to a new restaurant, or coming across an interesting ingredient that pushes me in a new direction in the kitchen.
As a result, each year I'm a different type of cook.

This is great because my kitchen is growing so much as a result.
From when I first started cooking and bought a nice set of knives, to when I got adventurous and snatched up a wok, to when I realized how important eating healthy is and all of the vegetable preparation tools that come along with that, I've been collecting kitchen wares. 

I'm always evolving.
Always trying something different and feeling inspired to take on a new challenge.
You can find things in my kitchen for whatever type of cook you are.

That got me thinking, everyone is in a different phase of growth in the kitchen.
And if you have someone in your life who is like that, they ALWAYS want something specific to how and what they're cooking.

Picking out gifts that fit how someone cooks can be challenging.

Maybe you know someone who is just getting their feet wet.
Or you know someone who spends the whole year waiting until they can finally take the grill cover off.
Or perhaps someone who goes "Oh, pickled octopus?  Chocolate covered grasshopper?  Yea, I'll try that!"
Whatever kind of cook is on your gift giving list this year, I've got some suggestions for you.

Over the next couple weeks I'll post gift guides for different kinds of cooks and hopefully give you an idea for someone on your list!

To start off, I'll give you my personal list.
5 things that my kitchen needs that I don't have.

CincyDee's Holiday Wish List:



These are all items that I absolutely love, and also need.  How obsessed are you with that cutting board, by the way?!  They make them for a bunch of states!

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