13 November 2013

Sweet Shop featuring: Truckshop

Hello my amazing readers.
Yesterday something happened.
It snowed.  It snowed AND I saw a commercial for Christmas on TV.

Can you believe it?!
2013 is quickly coming to a close, and it is only going to speed up.
This time of year always gets away from me and before you know it, it's Christmas Eve and I'm sitting cross-legged in the middle of my living room with about twenty paper cuts and tape stuck in my hair as I frantically wrap the rest of my gifts.
You too?!  I know!

Well, I'm going to try and get ahead of the game this year so I can actually enjoy the Holiday season.
And you know where that starts?
Shopping early.

I have two sisters, both of whom have incredible style.
And because they are the coolest, they also believe in keeping things local and shopping small.
So, I'm always on the look out for new little shops that will offer some originality.

So with that, I bring you my second Sweet Shop feature:

You may have seen this adorable little mobile boutique scooting about town this past summer.
Truckshop is a fashion boutique on wheels that features amazing tops, dresses, jewelry and other accessories.
And- major bonus- the price point of the each item on the truck is $65 or less!

The Background:
I happened upon Truckshop when I was at City Flea with my sister over the summer.
There was a super cute truck with a line of about ten people standing outside, and I thought "What is that?  Why is everything so cute?  I HAVE to get inside!"
Once inside, I was totally smitten.
I was all "This is totes adorbs... Ooh!  Look at this!.. OMGs I need it in two colors"
It's impossible to go into Truckshop and not like something.  Or everything.
Owner Ashley Volbrecht does an amazing job stocking her inventory.

My favorite pair of earrings came from Truckshop- all the jewelry is so cute!

The Info:

Ashley Volbrecht founded Truckshop as a way to do something she was passionate about.  As someone who loves fashion and entrepreneurship, she wanted a challenge.  She wanted to be able to offer something unlike any other shopping experience in Cincinnati, and from there, Truckshop was born.

Originally a bread delivery truck, Ashley's truck was rehabbed into a mobile boutique complete with a dressing room and plenty of space to showcase the merchandise.  (The cute, cute merchandise, you guys).

Ashley, having never actually worked in a retail store before believed her passion, creativity, and background working with major retailers would help her build a successful business.  Add that to tenacity and a love of bargain hunting, and you can imagine she could put together an awesome experience.

She did not disappoint, you guys.

The clothes are so distinct.  I love the idea of knowing that something in my closet is so close to one of a kind.  She stocks great brands, traveling to shows all over the country to bring in truly unique pieces.

Have I mentioned everything is cute??

You can shop Truckshop in a number of ways.
1. Like her on Facebook here.
She'll keep you up to date with her weekly Truck Stops.  Then, head out to one of the public events and shop!
2. Private events! (Bonus- the hostess receives a gift!)
3. Follow her on Instagram @ShopTheTruck and shop online.  You can email your orders to :
(Free shipping, y'all!)

There is also a lot in store for Truckshop's future including an e-commerce site and expansion throughout the mid-west.  Pretty awesome stuff!

So aren't you like this:
"Um, I am totally in the mood to go shopping now"
Well, you're in luck!
Truckshop and Oakley Wines are teaming up tonight for Sip n Shop!
The event is at Oakley Wines (with Truckshop out front) tonight from 7-9!
Come enjoy a wine tasting and get a jump on those Christmas gifts- and of course- pick up a little something for yourself!

(Event details on Facebook here)

So go check it out, and tell me all about the cute stuff you score! 

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