19 November 2013

The Haps: Ladies Brunch Part Deux- A brunch your Dad would love

Remember when I posted about this brunch? (Go on, click it and read it again)

You guys loved it.
Everyone was all: "Why don't you do this more often?" and "I'm going to host one too!"
Well, I had a blast hosting that brunch and everyone had such a good time, I decided to go ahead and host another one.

I wanted to do something a bit more laid back.
Less cooking, more time actually spent with all the awesome chicks in my life.

So what was the first thing that popped into my mind?
Why not get a bunch of salty, smoked and cured meats and some cheese?
Everyone likes prosciutto.
If you say you don't you are either lying or a vegetarian.
And only one of those is acceptable.

Paired with a few fresh light bites and Bloody Marys, this was perfect.

So if you read my last brunch post and thought that it didn't seem doable for you, this is the route you want to take.
There is no cooking.
Weird, I know, right?
Just go to the market (a specialty meat shop would be even better) and choose some of your favorites.  Good options are salami, prosciutto, and chorizo, for example.
Pick up a few artisan cheeses, add some kind of a veggie app and a little fruit.
And poof.

I got everything at Fresh Market.  Because I can walk there.  And because Whole Foods needs to calm down a little.

You have to label everything for this kind of brunch though.  All those damn meats look so similar!
P.S. Like my (Its Ham) note?

The Menu:
Six different kinds of cured meats
A variety of cheeses (Asiago, gouda, goat cheese, cheddar)
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on mini bagels
Caprese skewers (how-to below)
Bloody Marys

This brunch has my Dad's name on it to a tee.
My mom came and said she wasn't going to be able to tell him what we had because he would be so jealous.
My Pop is the king of Bloody Marys, and I definitely did him proud.

The Bloody Mary mix was McClure's (That's their website)
Buy it at Fresh Market.  Get their pickles while you're at it.  Trust me.
Also, definitely get Absolut Peppar.

So Caprese skewers:

Here's what ya need:
A pint of cherry tomatoes- halved
1 container of small mozzarella balls- halved

And here's what ya do:

Spend the afternoon sipping a Bloody Mary instead of in the kitchen.
Hang with your girls and enjoy it, babe.

I'll definitely be having another one of these.
What should I do next time?

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