16 December 2013

Body Basics: 30 Day "Push It" Challenge

Hello Loves!
So Christmas is a mere 9 days away.
( ?! ) 
When did that happen, right?

Obviously, your holiday schedule is in full swing.  This week alone I have a gift exchange dinner, a cookie exchange, an ugly sweater party, AND a scarf exchange/wine tasting.

You know what that means?
Junk food.
And alcohol.

So you know what else that means?
Gotta combat all that sugar with a new 30 day challenge.

I wanted something that was more full body than the squat challenge I posted about here.
I wanted to focus on:

So here it is:

30 Day "Push It" Challenge

I'm starting this challenge tonight.
Y'all can print it out and do it with me.

Since I did that Ab/Squat challenge, and have been going to Pure Barre like 6 days a week, I'm going to use some light weights for the squats only.  I am going to start with 5 pound weights and step up to 8 pounds about half way through this challenge.

And let's be honest, wish me luck on the pushups you guys.  I've told you about my toothpick arms before.
40 pushups in a row is like my Everest.

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