17 December 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for your Grill Master Chef

Ain't nothin' like bare feet on freshly cut grass, bikinis, and burgers.

Especially if you know someone who just loves being in front of the grill.
This person is always like "Come on over, I turned the grill into a smoker and we're having pulled pork for dinner!"
Or "What do you think about chipotle cheddar stuffed burgers with bleu cheese and bacon tonight?"

And you're like "LOLZ, what do I think of it?!  Yes.  Just yes."

Summer means one thing to this chef: Grillin' Season.
They are outside every night of the week.
You name it, they're gonna grill it rather than cook it inside.

Chicken? Duh.
Artichokes? Absolutely.
Pizza? You know it.
Watermelon?  Why the heck not?!

What do you mean you've never had a grilled watermelon salad?
You have if you're friends with this person.

Here are a few things your grill master chef will love:

Gift Guide: The Grill Master






One. "Grill N' Marinade" (Bourbon & Boots).  Slow cooked marinades for slow cooked meats.  Perfect for the patient chef.  Which if you're any good at grilling, you know to be patient.
Two. "BBQ Fun Salt and Pepper Shakers" (BROOKLYNrehab- Etsy).  Because anyone who spends that much time thinking about meat should own it.  You know they're proud.  Let their S+P Shakers say it too.
Three. "Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank" (Uncommon Goods).  This is a no-brainer for any grilled vegetables.  Just do it.
Four. "Stainless Steel Branch Skewers" (Uncommon Goods).  Because your veggies for kebabs grew on branches, why don't you cook 'em on branches too?  These are adorable and fun.  Also, you can divide the foods, perfect for that one friend you guys have that just doesn't "do" tomatoes.
Five. "Baxter's Original Variety Smoker Chip Pack" (Bourbon & Boots).  Smoked salmon will never be the same again.  Not to mention, don't you want to be at their house when that brisket is done?  Buy the chips- you're guaranteed an invite.

The only negative thing about this is that December doesn't lend well to outdoor grilling.

Any one of these will show your grill master chef that you support their hobby...
...and the invitation to drink beer and eat like a backyard king.

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