06 December 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for your Beginner Chef

So maybe your cousin just graduated from college and she realized that Easy Mac is not a food group.  Or your brother finally moved out of your parents' house and your mom isn't cooking his meals anymore.
Maybe your best friend is inspired by her sous-chef Auntie and has a really nice set of knives to prove it.
Whom ever the beginner chef in your life is, this is a really fun time for them.
They are playing around.
Reading recipes and thinking: "GTFOH, I didn't know you could poach a salmon."
or "WTF is coriander?!"

They're learning.
He or she is taking it all in and finally getting up the courage to roast a whole chicken, and devein shrimp.
They move a little slowly, and methodically.
They're exact, careful, and excited about every dish they put out.

This person is super fun to shop for, you guys.
Here are a few items to help you find the perfect gift for the beginner cook in your life:

Gift Guide: The Beginner

One. / Two. / Three. / Four. / Five.

One. "The Useful Towel" (Harabu House).  I mean, who doesn't need this item?  I towel that tells you the conversions for temperatures and measurements?!  Gimme Dat.
Two. "The Joy of Cooking" (Uh, The Joy of Cooking).  This is like the chef bible.  I could honestly read this book cover to cover.
Three. "The Cartography of Kitchenware Print" (Pop Chart Labs) Because, look how cute.
Four. "Mocubu Cutting Board with Storage" ( I have quite a few friends who try to cook and do not own a proper cutting board.  This is a problem.  It's a kitchen necessity.  Help your beginner chef avoid the shame of not owning the essentials by getting them this.
Five. "Cooking Classes" (The Learning Kitchen).  Professional teaching is so helpful when you're starting out.  Get your chef a cooking class at focuses on the technique or skill rather than a certain style.  I recommend the "Five Master Skills" class or the "Hone Your Knife Skills" class.  Both in January.

Now you are set- go help that little baby chef get a decent start in the kitchen!

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