19 December 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for your Adventurous Chef

Hey y'all.
Remember when I told you I was going to get a jump on my Christmas shopping this year?
You know, get it all done early and be able to actually enjoy the holiday season.
What a lie.
I am the worst this year.  Like, the worst ever.
I still have 2 (and a half) people to buy for.  In case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is in 5 days.
5 days!

What a slacker I am this year.
Oh.. wha-what's that?
You slacked too?!

Well, don't worry, you still have a few days to get out there and get it done.
And I have one final chef for you:
The Adventurous One.

You know they type: "Oh wow, they actually scoop the eggs right out of the fish and you eat it on the dock!"
Or "I've heard actually that you can make your own (insert random food here) you just have to be really careful."
And one I'm guilty of recently "I found a new recipe I want to try, but I need a fire extinguisher first... YOU LIGHT IT ON FIRE!!!" 

This person loves DIY- and they never back down from a challenge.  Sure, you end up eating things like goat liver and ostrich eggs, but c'mon- you know it's pretty cool.

Gift Guide: The Adventurous Chef





One. / Two. / Three. / Four. / Five.

One. "Molecular Gastronomy Kit" (Uncommon Goods). If you know an adventurous chef, you know they are secretly (or not-so-secretly) a little nerd.  Combine cooking and science so your creative pal can play with their food.
Two. "The Kimchi Cookbook" (Mother In Law's).  I posted about Kimchi here.  So you know I love it.  Basically, this is the best thing ever.  Anyone who likes to make something less common on their own will agree.
Three. "Jungle Jim's Gift Card" (Jungle Jim's).  Because every adventurous chef needs a place where they can buy meal worms and wild game.
Four. "Hot Sauce of the Month Club" (  Because, duh.
Five. "Sushi Quik" (Uncommon Goods).  Make your own sushi is the best.  It's fun, hands-on entertainment.  Plus, you really feel impressive once you've done it.  Get 'em this kit, and they'll be making you spicy tuna rolls in no time.

For the record: This could have easily been my personal list as well.  I am in real-life love with everything on this list.  I mean, a Kimchi cookbook?? Take my money.

P.S.- Mother In Law's Kimchi also has a make-your-own kit.  But it is totes sold out right now.

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