11 February 2014

Dishes with Dee: Baked Avocado with Chicken

So you know I've been busy when my blog posts come to a screeching halt.
Lately, I've had so much going on that I have barely had time to cook, let alone write about it.

Guys, blogging for a hobby is so much harder to keep up with than blogging for a job.
(Cue tiny violin)
Sometimes I get home and there is a sofa there.
And I can't even.
But, I cook and you all like to hear about it (I think) so here I am.

I've posted before about some go to meals for week nights when you are in a rush, like my kimchi and fried egg or chicken tostadas made with rotisserie chicken.

It is my firm belief, that while I love to spend hours in the kitchen sometimes, having some awesome recipes that get you in and out of there is crucial to your sanity.
Especially on weeknights. When you have to work out. And go to a charity meeting. And dog training. And it's Wine Wednesday (yes, its important).
Kitchen time takes a backseat to Wine Wednesday, amiright?

So adding to our growing collection, I offer you baked avocado with chicken. In fact, when you know you have a busy week, make one of these the day after the chicken tostadas so you can use left over rotisserie chicken.  Perfect for a super fast, tasty dinner on those nights where you want something healthy, but ohmigawd, everyone is going to at the wine bar in 20 minutes! skjfhauhvjd

Baked Avocados with Chicken

Here's what ya need:
1 just ripe avocado- halved and pitted
Shredded chicken
1 tomato diced
Shredded pecorino ramano
1/4 a shallot- sliced.
Salt and Pepper.

And here's what ya do:
Preheat the oven to 350.

Season avocado with salt and pepper, layer on chicken, tomato, cheese, and top with shallots.
Place in a baking dish and bake for about 10 minutes.
Literally, that's it.

Here it is in photos, y'all:

I make these all the time when I'm in a hurry. I have snap wear that is the perfect size for baking just a half for a quick pre-workout snack too.

Have this for dinner and get all your other "I totally have this adult thing down to a science" stuff done too.
Go on, super woman.

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