25 October 2014

The Cook's Critique featuring: Plated

Remember that time you had hours and hours with nothing to do and so you sat down and made a thorough shopping list with the exact quantities to portion out all your meals and not waste anything and have it all be healthy and delicious?
Me either.

Other than that one time last year when we tried to eat clean. Remember that? I told y'all to dedicate the time and plan stuff out? I bet you read that like "pssshhhhh, you cray"

I know, I know. I am.

I tend to get these ideas about how I could improve my life and then just throw myself at them. I'll wake up one day and be like "You know what would make my life so much better? Doing yoga for 30 minutes every morning before I get ready for work!" Which inevitably results in me twisted into weird positions while my dog tries to lick my face/sit in my lap/wrestle, and then I give up.
Or I'll be like "I am not going to dink any wine at all during the week" (bahahahahahaha).
The trouble is, quite plainly, that my life lacks a certain level of convenience that I think everyone craves. There exists a need for simplicity of routine. Especially on week nights when time seems to be scarce.

Without question the activity I spend the most time on is cooking dinner. Finding or coming up with the recipes, going to the store, preparing the meal: when all is said and done, I've devoted hours each week.

So, in a effort to simplify things, I've decided to give the folks at Plated a try.
Plated is an at home meal delivery service. You fill out the information, they send you the exact ingredients and recipes you need. To your door. In a lovely package.

This week I got my first box. I did a promotional trial, so I got to choose two recipes and they sent me enough to make two servings of each dish, and because of the promotion, I only had to pay shipping ($20).

This is your moment of glory. I love you, Plated.

The box is full of wonderfully fresh ingredients, all labeled and neatly packaged. It comes to you with plenty of ice packs to keep everything inside fresh. Not to mention, look how beautiful the recipe sheets are!

I chose mushroom-crusted flatiron steak with cauliflower mash and butter-basted redfish harissa, crispy kale and polenta. 

My box arrived on Tuesday and I opted for the steak first.

The recipes are wonderful. Everything is explained plainly. You never feel like you could be interpreting something wrong which provides a certain level of confidence that even those of you who don't spend quite as much time in the kitchen could make any of these like a pro. They provide some information in the form of a glossary and cook's tips, that I love. I'm hungry for any chance to learn something new!

On the whole, it took me more like 45 minutes to make this dish rather than the 20-30 that Plated estimates, but in all fairness, I'm stopping every so often to take photos, so that slows me down. This meal was delicious, and there was definitely enough food. In fact, I was able to divide this out into 3 meals, so I'm really looking forward to leftovers tonight!

I'm not going to post the recipe for this today. If you want to try it, you should head on over to Plated and get yourself a trial! (Provided they're still offering one). I am going to continue getting a Plated box, at least for a few weeks, and then I'll post my absolute favorites for you guys to try!

Check back for my thoughts on the Redfish later this weekend!

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