11 February 2015

Springtime Bucket List

I mentioned in this post that I think I'd like to make a springtime bucket list, so, girl, I did.

I wanted this list to have variety. It is mostly Cincinnati focused, but given that I have a trip to New York planned for this Spring, I had to add a few NYC related adventures. 
Additionally, I put in a few things that I just came across online. Things that hadn't even occurred to me, but that I definitely want to do now.


1. DIY the perfect picnic basket with wine glasses, a blanket, and settings. Then, go on a picnic with a view.

2. Walk across the Roebling Bridge and have lunch at this adorable looking place

3. Find the best milkshake.

4. Play frisbee at Washington Park

5. Teach Miss Grace about dog parks. Find a dog friend to help teach her too.

6. Go on a Bloody Mary bar crawl. Here is a good place to start picking bars.

7. Ride bikes along the river.

8. Eat the best lobster roll in NYC. 

9. Check out the Future Science sketch comedy show at MOTR. (Last Sunday of the month)

10.See the Butterflies at the Krohn Conservatory.

11. Go camping.

12. Start an outdoor documentary viewing night. I think I'd like to start with the Up documentary series I read about here.

13. Plant something.

14. Cook in a professional kitchen.

15. Go to the top of the Carew Tower. (I've never done that!)

16. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

17. Scatter the wild flower seeds from my beautiful Aunt's memorial service last year.

18. See OTRimprov at the Know Theatre.

19. Take Miss Grace swimming in a river.

20. See a band play at a local music venue that I've never been to before.

Whew! Once I started writing this list, it was hard to stop! Looks like I have a fun spring in front of me! What is on your bucket list this Spring?

Photo by the talented Christina Ryall.
Instagram: @teenteens

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