19 February 2015

The Cook's Critique featuring: A Plated update

I posted here about my trial with Plated, the home delivery food service that gives you all the ingredients and the recipes for seasonal, fresh, delicious meals.

The food was always great. I loved the ease of it, and enjoyed that I was cooking with things I wouldn't ordinarily use. (Read: quail and quince).

I loved getting these deliveries, but when you're required to buy a minimum of 2 servings of each plate, it just wasn't cost effective for me. I couldn't use everything in a timely manner, and I was finding that I was starting to waste the food.

Why you gotta call attention to the fact that I'm single, Plated?

I ended up cancelling because it just didn't make sense for me. Plated needs to offer an option for us single folks.

Here are some of the dishes I loved though:

I'm still on the hunt for a home delivery service for dinner though.

Do you have a home delivery service you love?

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