13 February 2015

The Giving Gets Good: Foodie Cincy

Stop me if you've heard this conversation before:

 Guy: Where should we go to eat tonight?
Girl: I don't care, where ever you want.
Guy: How 'bout Mexican?
Girl: Hmmmm, no I'm not really in the mood for Mexican.
Guy: Okay...... How 'bout Chinese
Girl: We had Chinese for lunch at my office today.
Guy: Alright... Italian?
Girl: I'm trying not to eat carbs right now.
Guy: Then why don't you decide where we're going to go!
Girl: I really don't care- honestly, just pick something.

(You're getting take out.)

That conversation has happened between literally every couple ever.

So, I'm here to save date night with my very first giveaway!

What you win:

This deck of cards.

Foodie Cincy is this amazing deck of cards- 52 cards with a different restaurant on each. And each card is a $10.00 gift card! Hear me: $520.00 value, girl.

These cards are awesome. Each card tells you the name of the restaurant, the address, phone number, neighborhood, price range, cuisine, AND give you a recommendation! How awesome is that?

Plus, what a perfect solution to everyone's least favorite question: "Where should we go to eat?"
I'm a fan of shuffling the deck, picking out 5 cards, and choosing which place from there. What a fun way to mix up your dining routine!

Here's how you win:

1. Like my Facebook Page (If you haven't already).
2. Comment your favorite Cincinnati area restaurant on CincyDee's FB post about the giveaway.

Winner will be chosen Sunday night at 7PM. Good Luck!

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