23 March 2015

On being CincyDee

Does anyone else kind of stress out about the "About Me" portion of social media? Your "tagline" or "bio" or "info" or "profile"? Isn't it all so awkward?

"Quick! Here's 250 characters. Describe you!"
~*~hell nah~*~

Talking about yourself is just kind of awkward and feels a little vain. Recently, I had a friend say to me "I like your blog, the recipes are good and your writing is funny, but who is CincyDee? You never tell your readers anything real about yourself" So, in that spirit, I came up with a few off beat facts about myself, if you'd like to know who I am.

Here goes:

1. I sing to my dog.

2. I am helpless at putting my shoes away. I take them off everywhere and that is where they live. Once, I lost a pair at a party in college. Lost.

3. My earliest memory is from when I was 3 years old. We had a babysitter and I was sitting on the back steps at my house eating a Crunch bar, and I decided I don't like Crunch bars. It is still true.

4. I don't understand people who don't like tomatoes or mushrooms.

5. For a boost of confidence I believe a person should go somewhere fancy, completely alone and have a drink at the bar.

6. I love the color of my eyes.

7. My nails are never painted. If I have polish on my nails, someone got married or I'm trying to impress someone.

8. I am terrified of haunted houses. I haven't been in one since my high school boyfriend took me to one where I nearly cried. Once, in 5th grade, I faked sick to get out of going to one for a friend's birthday.

9. I love mass transit. Sometimes I have dreams about riding the subway. It makes me feel so much like a part of a community.

10. I think there is little substitute for reading a good book outside on a sunny day.

What is something about you that makes you who you are?

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