25 March 2015

Sweet Shops featuring: Ella Jewelry

You know what I have always been super horrible at?
I am, like, the worst you guys.
I am always like: What is in style? What fits my style? What is style?

There was a time when I thought accessories were kind of stupid. What's the point? I would think to myself as my friends discussed watches. (I now know that is because I was so clueless about it). Fast forward a few years and suddenly I realized the importance of a well chosen necklace. It really makes you look so much more put together! SRSLY.

That is why I was thrilled when my dear friend Daniella decided to follow her passion and start her own jewelry company!

The Background

Daniella is one of those friends you always feel lucky to have. She's beautiful, smart, kind, and thoughtful when she speaks. She started making jewelry as an effort to raise money in conjunction with Spin for the Cure, a local breast cancer charity event. Once the event was over, Daniella realized how much she loved making jewelry and so Ella Jewelry was born!

Left to Right: Daniella, Emily, and Sam

The Info

Ella Jewelry is based on the idea that all cultures of the world are beautiful and unique. Daniella pulls different elements from all over the globe together in some very beautiful, eclectic pieces.

When asked how she feels about accessorizing, Daniella explained: "I like to think [my jewelry] defines a style. You can wear a plain tee and jeans, but when you add your Ella, then suddenly its not so plain"

Her inspiration comes from nature in many of her pieces which is, not only beautiful, but also has a spiritual basis behind it. She loves to re-purpose materials found a flea markets and estate sales, and often times will include things she discovers when traveling.  Her jewelry has a great personality and I totally know what she means when she says it can define your style.

Probably my favorite thing about Ella Jewelry is how much Daniella loves to do custom orders. I have had several friends order something specific from her and it is a really personal, intimate process. Designing based on the philosophy that your accessories should reflect who you are, Daniella takes the time to ask questions about you and your style. She'll request pictures or ask you to describe your favorite outfit. She really gets a feel for who you are and then works with you to create a piece that is one of a kind and completely you. Its amazing.

Here are some of what is available in her shop:

How much do you guys love this stuff?! Everything is so cute and that last bracelet is TO. DIE. FOR.

Here are all the places you can get in touch with Ella:

She's an online shop for the time being, but we have our fingers crossed that you'll be seeing her at your local flea markets soon!

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