24 March 2015

The Grub: Son of a Preacher Man

I spend a lot of time talking about comfort food.
For example:
and here.

Isn't it the best? I know.

So I was very excited when I found out that one of my favorite places, Enoteca Emilia would be opening a new restaurant around the corner from the Italian spot that would focus on Southern style dishes.  And I was even more excited when my friend Alex suggested to go there last week.

The whole place is quaint but still trendy. It is small, but they do a really nice job with the space. Small places have the tendency to feel a little cramped so I was relieved that I wasn't rubbing elbows with the table next to us.

The menu is exactly what I look for in the restaurants I go to. It is simple but still offers enough variety. I just hate it when you have to read through a book like you're at Cheesecake Factory, but also hate it when a menu is too limiting.

(Side note: the wine comes in teeny mason jars. I loved it.)

We started with the Mason Trio. It was great- I appreciated that the "pickles" were okra and carrots. It made this really stand out- and pickled okra is now officially my jam.

I decided to keep in classic and go for the Sundays Best Fried Chicken and Preacher's Mac n Cheese. The chicken was really good. It was super crispy and still very juicy. The batter had a great buttermilk flavor and good salty bite. Was it the best in the city? I can't say yes with the Eagle as competition, but SOPM definitely holds it's own in the category that has restaurants that are not bad company to be in.

The M&C was also really, really delicious. I love a good crispy topping and since it is made with three cheeses, it was gooey and the peppercorn gave it the right kick. I was thrilled to have enough left over to bring home, because it was worth every last calorie as I ate it the next night. Again, this is a city with great mac n cheese, so it is tough to stand out, but I would definitely order it again and I would say it is up there as a must try with places like Nada's Mexican Mac and Cheese, the Eagle's 5 cheese take, and M's twist with short rib and truffle.

Alex got the Bourbon BBQ Meatloaf and it was the definition of comfort food. The sauce was tangy and sweet, but not too sugary. Plus, you really can't do meatloaf wrong when there is bacon in it. Props to that. It was pretty impressive.

Alex even said, "I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of meatloaf. But SOPM made me a believer." (Thumbs up emojis)

This was my only complaint about the night:

That damn street light was blinding! Please, please get some kind of a shade on this window, Margaret Ranalli. P.S. Isn't my friend so pretty!?

Son of a Preacher Man was great. I loved the atmosphere and the food absolutely keeps in line with the quality that we're so used to from Enoteca Emilia. I want to go back for the She Crab Soup and the Shrimp and Grits ASAP.

Have you guys been? What did you think?

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