20 April 2015

Bucket List: 8. Eat the best lobster roll in NYC

8. Eat the best lobster roll in NYC.


Remember when I posted here about my Springtime bucket list? I'm checking stuff off, you guys.

This baby is from The Sea Fire Grill. I was in heaven the whole time I was eating it. And, it was (almost) worth every penny- I think it was like $23, but I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for what how teeny it was.

This bun was basically a hot dog bun. But, it was still so delicious!

The salad that came with it was so yummy. Chickpeas, olives, red peppers, cucumber and onion- a great addition to the meal.

Was it the best lobster roll in NYC? Its hard to say. But, I'm happy to go back and do more research ; )

P.S. How sad are you guys that The Anchor doesn't have a lobster roll on the menu anymore?

Update: I just stumbled across this last night:

So looks like we can still get a lobster roll, y'all! 

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