30 April 2015

Dee does NYC: Smorgasburg

"Oh my gosh... you know what you should do while you're in New York?!" About 12 of my friends asked me.

"What?" I asked.

"SMORGASBURG!!!!" Said all of them.

You guys. Smorgasburg is essentially my idea of heaven. Think Taste of Cincinnati, but like, better. Think cuisine fusion and bacon in dessert and all the creative foodie minds setting up booths EVERY WEEKEND from April to October. I mean, come on. Get it together Cincinnati, I want this.
To top it off, it's in Williamsburg, so, you know, all the cool kids are there.

It's a food flea market and it is incredible.

Here is a look at what we snacked on:

Bite Size Kitchen's Steam Buns. When my sister and I decided that we needed to go to Smorgasburg, this is the first place she mentioned.

We ordered all three and they were outstanding. My pork belly was a little too fatty, but the flavor was still amazing. The jalapeno and cucumber together were perfect. My sister's favorite was the duck.

Lumpia Shack's spring rolls

We, of course, got the sampler. I honestly don't know if I could choose a favorite. They were all bursting with flavor. Everything was fresh and the wraps were crispy. Maybe the mushroom was my favorite, but just because it was different.

AsiaDog for hot dogs. Duh.

These were another hit. You pick what kind of meat you want (or veggie!). Then, you pick the style toppings you want. I went with the Ginny: kimchi and nori flakes. Dan (my sister's boyfriend) got the Sidney: a relish with mango, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, and crushed peanuts. Again, no one was disappointed.

Vendome Macaron Bar

We got pistachio (green), raspberry (red), vanilla (white), chocolate (brown), and sea-salt caramel (blue). The sea salt caramel was by far the winner. Although, they were all amazing.

Butter & Scotch's Bacon Cupcake

The bacon, you guys. Swoon.

I had so much fun in New York, but this might have been my favorite thing on the trip. No one is surprised I loved the eating event though, right? Big surprise.

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