09 April 2015

Guest Post: Monica Doing Life and 5 Ways to Liven Up a Room

Hey babes!

How have you been? I just got back from a week in New York visiting my sister! It was a super fun, action packed week. New York is non-stop! I can't wait to share some of my trip with you guys next week!

I'm excited to share this guest post with you all today! My friend Monica recently started a great blog called Monica Doing Life and it is fabulous! She is full of fresh ideas, honesty, and realism that I think a lot of bloggers are afraid to put out there.

Since I knew I would be so busy with my trip, I asked Monica to do a feature post for me, and I am super excited to share...

My Five Favorite Ways to Liven Up a Room
Via Monica Doing Life:

1. Treats
Whether it’s for yourself or for your guests, treats always make a room feel warmer and more comforting.  I typically change them up to coordinate with the season or upcoming holiday.  The most affordable option (and my personal favorite) is wholesale candy.  Buying it in bulk makes it cheaper and less painful to replenish when you or your guests decide to indulge.
Where to Purchase: If you are not a member of Costco or Sam’s, stock up after big holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Halloween!  Stores discount their candy an unbelievable amount to clear the shelves.

2. Candles
They literally lighten up a room.  I typically pick scents to match the season when I can and keep the scents consistent throughout rooms.  If you’re not a fan of scented candles or have a sensitive nose, unscented candles lighten up a room just as well!
Where to Purchase: I tend to stay away from big name candle brands because they are way too pricey.  My absolute favorite candles come from Hanna’s Cozy Home (  All products (including 100% soy candles, scented wax tarts, reed stick diffusers, and soaps) from Hanna’s Cozy Home are literally homemade by Hanna.  The scents are delightfully unique and not too overpowering (my favorite is honeysuckle).  If you’re not a fan of online purchasing, Hobby Lobby, At Home (previously Garden Ridge), and Michael's are also great places to buy candles at an affordable price.

3. Greenery
Nothing brings life to a room more than life itself.  As odd as it seems, plants have a way of cheering you up.  Succulents, ficus, and areca palms are the easiest to keep alive.  If you are a frequent traveler (like Carmen Sandiego) or have a tendency to kill plants easily (like me), those are my top three suggestions.
Where to Purchase: Lowe’s or Home Depot I've found to have the best selections.

4. Color
I’m a matcher.  I like finding a piece of artwork or random memento and collecting items to match to liven up the room.  Whatever the color, finding small things that pick up that color can not only liven up the room, but make travel and shopping a lot more fun!  You’d be surprised how many unexpected finds you’ll come across once you select an accent color.  Additionally, once you've started a good collection, guests that have been in your home begin to pick up on your search too!  My husband and I have collected cobalt blue items to fill in the built-in in our bedroom and it makes me feel so warm to know people see cobalt blue and think of me.
Where to Purchase: Wherever the wind takes you!  The search is half the fun, so once you've chosen a color, let the search begin!

5. Cleanliness
It may sound strange, but keeping a clean home can actually brighten your mood and lead to more productive thinking.  Clutter has a tendency to distract us and derail our thought process, so keeping a clean home can change your mood for the better and lead to higher productivity.  Additionally, clutter-free rooms have a tendency to feel bigger!  If you’re working with a small space, clearing clutter can make all the difference in the liveliness of the room.  The best part?  It cost $0.00!  It is 100% free to reorganize a room and clear out clutter, but the impact is tremendous.

[This post is in conjunction with Monica's post on Spring Cleaning. Read more here.] 

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