21 April 2015

My favorite Nooks: Ashley's Home

I'm excited to share with you all the first post in a feature of posts I'll be calling "My Favorite Nooks". I wouldn't say that I'm hopeless at decorating, but I will definitely say that I have to do A LOT of research to put things in my home together. This series will focus on people who have put together beautiful, inspiring homes. I hope you enjoy it..

You know how you have that friend and everything she touches turns into something beautiful? That is Ashley.

I posted about her natural beauty here.

She designs the most beautiful water color prints, which you can purchase here.

She knows how to knit, has a wonderful signing voice, plays the piano, picks out the coolest records, and recently has been proving she has an exceedingly capable green thumb. Not to mention, the lattes, guys.

She is an optimistic, positive, faith driven woman who is a real inspiration. When you go to her house, expect homemade coffee cake and a very special latte. Every time I'm there, its "Have a slice of crumb cake, it just came out of the oven!" and "Do you want one shot of espresso or two? I'm going to use half almond milk and half regular milk. Are honey and simple syrup okay?" It is such a treat to visit her! Especially when I know that the latte and sweets come with a warm home, welcoming smile, and easy, comfortable conversation with an incredibly insightful gal. (I'm really laying it on thick, aren't I? She's just so great!).

So of course, no one is surprised when you walk into her apartment and your jaw hits the floor. Her place is adorable. Here are some photos of her beautiful space...

"I came from a place that was really nicely decorated, but there was a lot of stuff. I wanted my new place to feel like everything had a purpose-- that where I did have stuff, it was intentional."

"I really like the clean lines of mid-century modern, but wanted to mix in some more rustic touches where I could. Just something unique"

"I think that corner might be one of my favorite places in my house right now. I just love that there is so much life there!"

"The tennis racket was given to my dad by an old friend just before he died. We were in the hospital and his friend came to give it to him. Now, I sort of think of it as my own little dream catcher." 

"Its hard to say which space is my favorite. I just love it all so much... I love that window over there because I pray there every morning..I love this corner because I spend a lot of time being creative there... I like this spot because it is right in the middle of it all. I guess they're all my favorite."

Thank you, Ashley for opening up your lovely home to me and letting me share it!

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