21 August 2015

A Whimsy Brunch

I am of the belief that there is little substitute for the company of smart women. Especially smart, funny women.

I am also of the belief that there is little absolutely no substitute for brunch.

In fact, I have played hostess for some brunches in the past. There was the time I made the quiches, and then there was the time I had a brunch with almost no cooking. There was also the time of the waffle bar. I can't believe I didn't take enough photos to post about that. But we press on.

In my opinion, brunch is really about the company more than anything else. But of course, there were some awesome ideas on Pinterest that I just had to take advantage of. The result was a bite-sized, whimsy brunch with some of the best gals around.

Invitations went out. Handmade by the talented Ashley. And in keeping with the theme of the Alice in Wonderland quote, everything was adorned with "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" tags.

Here are a few photos of our spread:

And of course, there were more than enough mimosas to go around:

But honestly, it's the people that really made the morning/afternoon (we brunch appropriately) a success. Thank you, you wonderful friends! XO

Until the next one.


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  2. Oh my god! This brunch party looks awesome. I have never seen such a nice brunch party. I will be hosting one soon at local party venues in Atlanta. Have to host baby shower for my cousin and this brunch party idea is perfect for it.