17 August 2015

In which I make an announcement...

Hello, you. I have missed you exceedingly. I thought we were over the times in which I take such a long hiatus from blogging.

But apparently, life happens and sometimes when life happens, the digital world takes a bit of back seat, no? I think we kind of all strive for a life where we are so deeply experiencing it that we don't have the time to bother sharing/ tweeting/ posting about it. So, that is what happened. Life.

But now, I'm so excited to share what has been going on! Along with some really, really great recipes. I have an arsenal for you guys. 

I am thrilled to announce that I am making a huge career change! After 5 years in the business-to-business industrial world of paperboard sales, I have accepted a position as shop manager at Oakley Wines!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I have been helping out on Friday nights during the shop's very popular wine tasting events. I have become close friends with shop owner Zach Eidson over the years and believe whole-heartedly in his approach. I featured Oakley Wines in my Sweet Shop series a few years ago, and have really enjoyed getting to know more about the industry, about the shop, and about Zach and his awesome wife, Valarie. 

Folks must agree with my fond opinion of Oakley Wines, because the shop has been quite successful. In fact, they are currently in the middle of an exciting expansion project. See more about it on their Facebook page.

The expansion will feature light bites, two full service bars, live music, and expanded hours. All in the same great location. The basement is being converted into a cozy wine cellar with an impressive bar. I am beyond excited.

With the expansion came the need for additional personnel, so Zach offered me the chance to join the team full time. After carefully thinking about what it would mean to leave behind my current position, I knew that this opportunity felt like a dream job and I happily accepted the title of Shop Manager. My first full time day is August 24th where I will learn the ins and outs of one of my favorite small businesses.

I am looking forward to being involved in such a refreshing and unique environment, working with some incredibly talented humans, doing something that I love each day, and of course helping the wonderful folks of Oakley (and beyond) pick out their new favorite wines : ).

I will definitely miss the job I am leaving behind and the people I have spent so much time with over the last 5 years, but couldn't be more over the moon about this new adventure. Come by the shop to hang out with me, chat, have a glass of wine and support a wonderful local business.

Cheers, all.


  1. So cool, and happy for you, Denise! Though I'm sure your Dad will miss you 😰.

    Wishing you every success, and next time I'm in the hood will definitely stop by!

    1. Thank you Ellen! Yes, there is definitely some sadness surrounding the change, but he is absolutely supportive of me following my passions! Please do stop in! I would love it!

  2. Congrats!
    And its kind of funny over the weekend I was thinking, didn't CincyDee tell me back in May she was going to stop blogging regularly again? LOL

    1. Thanks, friend!
      LOL my posts definitely ebb and flow. I'd love to keep the flow up! (At least for a while)

    2. start blogging, not stop. geez.
      No worries, sometimes I love blogging and sometimes its a death march. I'm slowly convincing myself the world won't end if I miss a day or two a week.