26 August 2015

The Wine Record: Meet Joe

Everyone. Thank you so much for all of your kind words/ calls/ messages about my new job! You are all so supportive and inspiring and I am inexplicably lucky for your encouragement.

In collaboration with the shop, I am excited to bring a new series: The Wine Record. Here we will cover all kinds of topics. Sometimes I'll write about specific informational topics: "What do people mean when they say they like a 'big red'?" other times I will let you know what is going on around the shop: "Check out which wines are on tap" and sometimes there will just be a funny note to share. I'm particularly fond of this one making its way around the internet:

In this installment of Wine Record, please allow me to introduce another member of the Oakley Wines team.

Meet Joe Purdue!

Joe joins the team as Bar Manager, hailing from OTR's acclaimed Abigail Street and Senate where he spent the better part of last year as GM and was a member of the staff since their opening in 2011.

Joe got his start in the industry after graduating from the University of Cincinnati when he started working at Boca as a Server's Assistant. He spent two years in the position, eventually moving up to Head SA. Boca is responsible for Joe's long time friendship with Zach and also for fostering his love for food and wine.

"I'm joining Oakley Wines because I love the knowledge and enterprise Zach has with wine and his approach to selling it." says Joe of his decision to accept the Bar Manager position. "I really look forward to expanding upon existing relationships around the shop/bar and building new ones with people that live in the same neighborhood as me. Oh, and there is also that small part where I get to pick a great wine brain all the time."

Joe is looking forward to the chance to show the city what a creative scene we can offer in a facet of the Cincinnati bar scene that is relatively untapped- literally. The Cellar at Oakley Wines will offer rotating wines on tap.

Join me in welcoming Joe, you guys. I'm so glad you joined the team, Joe! Looking forward to working with you.


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